Requesting a LegalVault Wallet for a Client

Requesting a LegalVault Wallet Card for a Client

  • login to site manager
  • click the LegalVault Menu option on the left side
  • click the "clients" submenu option
  • click the administration icon - 
  • select the icon that says "request a wallet card"
  • select whether it should be mailed to your firm or directly to the client.
  • once you place the request, we get the notification and fulfill the order as soon as possible.
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      If there is no time to wait for the card to be queued because the client needs it immediately. You have the ability to print the wallet card in house (You'll need the avery labels 5361).: login to site manager click the LegalVault Menu option on the ...
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      Please note: All renewal cards will automatically be submitted to go to the client's address. If you would like the card to go to the firm check below* Go to Site Manger and log in Go to the LegalVault tab and log in Under the LegalVault tab click ...
    • Incorrect information on my LegalVault card

      If you received your LegalVault card and the information on the card is not accurate please contact your LegalVault Law Firm to get an updated card. The Law Firm will correct any mistakes or errors and request a new card.
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      If a card is required right away and the queued card from LegalVault won't arrive on time you are able to print out a temporary wallet card on Avery Labels (#5361) with a color [printer right from your Firm's LegalVault Portal Login the LegalVault ...