LegalVault Law Firm Portal Tour

LegalVault Law Firm Portal Tour

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    • Can you share documents with my law firm through LegalVault?

      Yes! LegalVault is a secure storage system that will accept most file types. Here you will find instruction on How to upload files to your LegalVault account. Your law firm will be able to login to LegalVault on their end and access your uploaded ...
    • Legalvault Law Firm Support

      If you are in need of any assistance or would like to submit feedback please contact our support team: Phone: ‭(877) 269-0076 x815 Email: Submit a Ticket from Help Center *Support inquires for End User Clients
    • Law Firm Usage Guide

      Law Firm Usage Guide- Scenario A: Client completes Client Enrollment Form at least 10 days prior to final signing.  Law Firm Usage Guide- Scenario B: Client completes/submits Client Enrollment Form at final signing. Law Firm Usage Guide- Scenario ...
    • Renew your LegalVault Subscription

      Please Note: If your account is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, all of your stored data and documents will be permanently purged from the system. You may easily renew online by: visiting Logging into your account using ...
    • Incorrect information on my LegalVault card

      If you received your LegalVault card and the information on the card is not accurate please contact your LegalVault Law Firm to get an updated card. The Law Firm will correct any mistakes or errors and request a new card.