How to renew/extend clients' LegalVault subscription?

How to renew/extend clients' LegalVault subscription?

Please note: All renewal cards will automatically be submitted to go to the client's address. If you would like the card to go to the firm check below*
  • Go to Site Manger and log in
  • Go to the LegalVault tab and log in
  • Under the LegalVault tab click Clients
  • Search for the client that needs their subscription renewed (Clients' LegalVault accounts nearing an expiration date are marked in red). 
  • To the right of the Client's name select the Documents Icon - 
  • Confirm that all the contact information is correct and up to date.
  • Click the Administration link at the top section of the page
  • From the menu in the mid section of the page select "Renew Client's LegalVault subscription"
  • By clicking on that icon, you'll see that you have the same options as you did when first signing up your client. There's the option of extending the term by 1, 3, 5, or 7 years.
  • Below select the renewal term and submit. This will automatically submit a new card request that will go to the client
*If you are interested in having the card go to the Firm rather than the Client:
  1. Immediately go to the Administration page of the client and select the "Request Plastic Wallet Card from LegalVault for Client"
  2. Below select for the card to be mailed to the "Practice"
  3. Confirm the address in the text field and select Order Card
  4. We will ignore the card request going to the client and complete the card request going to the firm

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