Deceased Clients

Deceased Clients

When an End User passes away there are 2 options available to the Law Firm:

  • Delete the account 
  • Once you are ready to permanently delete the account, send an email to requesting the deletion of an account with the End User's member ID and full name
  • Leave the account open till expiration
  • This will give any people with post mortem access the opportunity to gain access to end user data and the account will be deleted if not renewed.

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    • How to renew/extend clients' LegalVault subscription?

      Please note: All renewal cards will automatically be submitted to go to the client's address. If you would like the card to go to the firm check below* Go to Site Manger and log in Go to the LegalVault tab and log in Under the LegalVault tab click ...
    • Scenario C: Client completes/submits Client Enrollment Form at final signing, law firm registers clients via Fax

      This method cannot be used to submit any non-healthcare related information to LegalVault. If you would like to add legal/financial documents, you would have to access the client’s LegalVault account after it has been created and submit them online. ...
    • How to locate a client's username and password

      To find an client's username and password: login to Site Manager on the left side of the screen click "clients". There you will find a complete list of your enrolled client list. click the administration icon for that client on the bottom row of ...
    • Change username and password for LegalVault client user

      We don’t supply passwords to law firm clients for security reasons.  You know your clients better than we do and we wouldn’t want to give out a password to the wrong person. Follow the below instructions to change a client's username and password: ...
    • Legalvault Law Firm Support

      If you are in need of any assistance or would like to submit feedback please contact our support team: Phone: ‭(877) 269-0076 x815 Email: Submit a Ticket from Help Center *Support inquires for End User Clients